Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that everyone agrees to before the book time on any YMS machine.

You are Responsible

By scheduling time on any YMS machine you acknowledge that you have been trained on how to use the tool safely and will do so. YMS cannot be held responsible for what happens to any material or usage related to your time using this machine.

Clean Up

Members are expected to leave a tool clean and in proper working order, ready for the next member to use.

Say Something

If tool is damaged and needs repair prior to or after using you are responsible to immediately report problems to info@yakimamakerspace.org. If a tool is not operable and you must leave the area, unplug the tool and leave a note stating that the tool is out of order and include your name, and the date.


Tool bookings are non-refundable unless the tool is out of order or inaccessible during your scheduled time for reasons outside your control.